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The Tuning educational project was created in 1999 by the main European universities as a response to the challenge posed by the Bologna process and the European Higher Education Area. The aim was to adopt a system of easily readable and comparable degrees in all the signatory countries.

A total of 15 countries joined this initiative in its earliest stages. Then, the number of bodies and institutions involved was extended to 27 members of the European Union, and finally it reached Eastern Europe and Latin America. At present, the Tuning project is about to be implemented in USA, Africa, Australia, Japan and India, and it has a total of 58 countries taking part in it and publications in more than 17 languages.dia, Tuning cuenta con la participación de 58 países y con publicaciones en más de 17 idiomas.

The search for agreements, the respect for diversity and the joint work towards the achievement of common benchmarks, based on learning, competences, skills and abilities, are the mainstays of a project that also promotes greater quality, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by an increasing internationalisation in the university context.

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